Attorney Fees and Costs

Example content image using the class .alignleftWe know that times are tough, and the last thing you want to spend money on is an Attorney.  Attorneys are expensive, but not having representation will likely cost much more.
We often see clients who have represented themselves in a divorce or criminal matter.  They come to us when things aren't working out the way they thought they would.  Sometimes we can fix it, sometimes we cannot.  Almost without exception, the outcome would have been better if they had hired an attorney to begin with.

No One Will Tell Me How Much!

It is sometimes hard to find information about how much an attorney will cost.  Lawyers don't usually advertise their fees; some require an in-person consultation before they will even discuss them.  This can be very frustrating for someone who is already stressed about the legal situation he or she is facing.

We want to be as upfront with our clients and potential clients as possible.  We do not believe that fees should be the determining factor in what lawyer you choose, but we understand that they are a major factor.

Our Hourly Rate is $200.00. 

This is how much we charge for time an Attorney spends working on your case.  We don't charge that rate for time other staff spends on your case, nor do we charge for routine copies, faxes, and postage costs.  We always do our best to minimize the amount you need to spend to achieve the results you want to achieve.

We Offer Low Cost Packages.

We have flat-fee packages for some of our services.  If you need an uncontested divorce, we have an inexpensive option.  Simple Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Quit Claim Deeds are also available for a low flat fee.  We provide a discounted rate for representation on Traffic tickets, DUIs, and Misdemeanors.

We Offer Payment Plans.

We understand that it is often difficult to come up with a large retainer.  We are almost always able to work out a payment plan that will fit your budget. 

There are Other Ways to Reduce Your Costs.

Please see our Money Saving Strategies for other ways to control the costs of your case.